Military HUMVEE for sale and hire in the UK


Military HUMVEE for sale and hire in the UK

About HUMVEE King

I am the UK’s most prolific importer of surplus American military HUMVEE, also known as the HMMWV in the army. The vehicles are sourced from the military and form my very own UK private collection.

HUMVEE for sale

View my latest Military HUMVEE for sale in the UK

Military HUMVEE for sale and Hire in the Uk

Event Hire and Special Occasions

I have a selection of military HUMVEE’s in the collection that can be hired for events or special occasions. The rarity, the power, carrying capacity and bad ass appearance of the HUMVEE generates a lot of public interest when on the road.

Driving Experience

Arrange a mornings driving off-road in a military HUMVEE. Makes an ideal gift for any petrol head!

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Military HUMVEE for sale and Hire in the Uk

Media and Filming

The HUMVEE is/has been in service with over 50 countries worldwide and has seen active combat as well as deployed in several international peace operations, making it an ideal prop for filming in military movies and documentries.

The Private Collection

View the HUMVEE that make up my UK private collection.

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About the HUMVEE

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), commonly known as the Humvee, is a four-wheel drive military light truck produced by AM General.

Primarily used by the United States military, it is also used by numerous other countries and organizations and even in civilian adaptations.

aka "M998 HMMVW"

The Humvee’s widespread use in the Gulf War of 1991, where it negotiated the treacherous desert terrain, helped inspire civilian Hummer versions.

After going through a replacement process, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) was chosen as its successor. Information and text taken from Wikipedia.

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